GD Amazing Kids Parenting Tour



Golden Destinations launches its latest travel offer – the Amazing Kids Parenting Tour!

Golden Destinations (GD) officially launched its newest travel offer – the Amazing Kids Parenting Tour – to members of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau KL Office (Taiwan Visitors Association KL Office), the media, and close to a hundred industry partners.

The first group of participants for the Amazing Kids Parenting Tour will set off on school holidays to Taiwan as their first destination. This will definitely spark a trend for family travel!

Golden Destinations invited Dino Goh, Malaysia’s fashionable nutritionist who is known for serving as a chef for the Asian Food Channel (AFC), mentor in Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant, guest chef of Astro Go Shop, regular guest on Ai FM’s “Love of Life”, author of family books like “My Little Devil Princess”, “Cutie And The Beast”, “From Production To The Dining Table”, Yilan Travel Advocate, Ambassador for Sichuan Travel, and Global Ambassador for China’s Most Beautiful Golden Corridor to create a custom travel itinerary for the Amazing Kids Parenting Tour. Coupled with Golden Destinations’ 25 years of expertise and experience, this collaboration will set a new milestone in the travel industry!

Unlike conventional travelling trips, the Amazing Kids Parenting Tour provides a thematic itinerary for parents to focus on family bonding with their kids. With Dino Goh’s careful planning, the travel itinerary will emphasize on play-base learning, as well as a subtle combination of courses and activities which contain elements of knowledge, fun, surprise, challenge, and love; all of which are designed for parents and children to learn and grow together. The chosen destinations are situated away from commercialized tourist spots, which allow participants to focus on learning and experiencing the local culture and attractions.

The activity highlights of the Amazing Kids Parenting Tour include: picking onions, hunting for cooking ingredients, restocking traditional wet markets, visiting local factories and farms, experiencing local night market and B&B culture, exploring and interacting with the local ethnic groups, going on night eco-tours, and parent-child DIY tasks like FUN in kitchen, living on a grain diet, and food-processing procedures.

Through the program, parents and their kids can get up close with nature while they learn new things and have fun, as well as complete DIY tasks to nurture problem-solving skills. Children will also learn about good communication skills, teamwork, critical thinking, exploration, appreciation, gratitude, and the sharing of interesting experiences.

Family travel allows parents and kids to spend quality time together, as parents of modern families are constantly busy at work. Nowadays, people are almost inseparable from their smartphones. Be it parent or child, most families inevitably become part of the “head-bowing tribe”; looking down while swiping non-stop on their phones. Family travel lifts people’s heads back up to explore this big world with their children; to experience and learn the cultures and knowledge of foreign countries!

Children these days, they either spend most of their time after school hours at day care center or tuition and art classes. Instead of putting excessive attention on their academy results, why not let the children gain diverse knowledge and values through a family travelling trip.

Reading and travelling are one of the main tools to broaden children’s perspectives. Since ancient times, Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Lao Tzu; Sun Yat-sen and Gandhi from the modern times, have all read and travelled extensively throughout the world. However, one should not read for the sake of reading; and travel for the sake of travelling. Reading is to foster individuals to think and travel should be experienced in depth. With these combinations, children are able to broaden their knowledge and perspectives.

In view of this, Dino Goh together with Golden Destinations introduced the Amazing Star Kids Parenting Tour, emphasizes on educational travel experience through interesting activities for children and their parents to learn and play, being close to the nature and absorb new knowledge & cultural experiences; at the same time, to cultivate problem solving skills among children which they don’t normally receive from schools, books and even the Internet.

Such parenting tour allows parents to see the growth in their children and realize that in addition to academics, artistic and athletic knowledge; children’s personality, character, vision, mental health and soft skills will also deeply affect their future development – elements that are instrumental to create a happy life.

The professional development standards of family tour groups – in terms of safety, hygiene, transport, and service – has been well received by the Taiwanese authorities. In addition, Taiwan is well-developed and rich in natural resources; its factories, leisure farms, real estate industry, and art spaces serve as good educators of living, which makes the country perfect for a parenting tour. Golden Destinations’ is pleased to promote Taiwan as the pilot destination, and also grateful for the support of Director Cao of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau.

Each person only has one childhood, so what color would parents paint for their kids’ early days? Grades lose their charm after one has left school, but memories of a blissful family lasts a lifetime!