Taiwan & Japan (Taipei / Okinawa / Ishigaki / Miyakojima)


台湾 & 日本 (台北/冲绳岛/石垣岛/宫古岛)
Taiwan & Japan (Taipei / Okinawa / Ishigaki / Miyakojima)




洁白沙滩、清澈海水、繁华老街、轻松出游, 让您以不同角度体验台湾和日本的海域风情。

Taiwan and Okinawa used to be referred as small Ryukyu island and big Ryukyu island in old days. The islands are located in two different countries but they are closely-related. The islands are pretty with their original scenery. When boarding the Golden Princess cruise, you will be taken to a tour for a glimpse of the local culture and also enjoying the sumptuous meals on board.

The 18-storey high Sapphire Princess is sailing along the East Sea. It can accommodate up to 2,636 people. One has surprises brought by the different scenes when going for a cruise tour. The crystal clear blue ocean and the romance of staying away from land. Cruise holiday offers fine dining and a variety of entertainment.

Sapphire Princess departs from Keelung in Taiwan, heading to Okinawa, Ishigaki island and Miyakojima island in Japan. Keelung is a shipping hub for northern part of Taiwan. It has another name “rain port” due to rampant rain.

Okinawa island was once the capital of Ryukyu kingdom. In recently years Okinawa is undergoing rapid development in tourism. The Kokusai Street and Shuri are two famous tourism spots. Shuri castle, the historical site of Enkakuji temple, which was the head temple of Rinzai Buddhist sect in Ryukyu, Tamaudun mausoleum for Ryukyu royalty are able to offer traces of Ryukyu Kingdom in the past. Ishigaki is the third largest island in Okinawa prefecture. The island has since become a tourism spot for southern part of Okinawa. You will love the crystal clear ocean here. Sea waters around Miyakojima islands are clear and suitable for diving and water-related activities. The corals and white sand beach are described as beauties of Miyakojima. Miyakojima and Yonaha Maehama Beach are crowned as the most beautiful beach in Japan. There is a monument built by the Germans to commemorate a group of German sailors rescued by Miyakojima residents in 1873.

White sand beach, clear blue sea, boisterous old town and a relaxed tour, enables you to experience the coastal area of Taiwan and Japan in different ways.


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