GD x Roaming Man Signing Ceremony

In conjunction with the Roaming Man Product Launch Ceremony, we are proud to bring you to the next level of excitement. Our destinations tour will be valued up with WiFi premium service, which is providing 1 unit of Roaming Man sharing device during your trip in a group (Terms and Conditions apply).

Upon signing up with Roaming Man, we hope to provide you a different experience while traveling with GD. Valuing you and your tour experience is important to us as we believe without you, we can't do even better. Let's cheer together and keep connected while traveling with GD! 


GD X Roaming Man 签约仪式

乘着Roaming Man新品推介礼华丽登场,也意味着GD即将带给你前所未有的旅游体验!

现在就让我们为你揭晓吧~GD联合Roaming Man为你提升我们的旅游服务。凡参加GD的旅游配套,我们确保顾客们都能享有免费的共享WiFi连接。每团都会有个WiFi小设备随团提供,以便大家都能方便联系 (需符合条规)~