The Golden Classic Shanghai Musical


                         Golden Destinations proudly present the first-ever 《The Golden Classic Shanghai Musical》 with the collaboration with Astro The Golden Club Show and Genting Dream Cruises. For your musical feast delight, Malaysia's famous duo (Guo Wenwen and Guo Yenyen) will hosts 《The Golden Club》 present you the famous classical music show on the sea with Genting Dream by Dream Cruises. If you are interested, please contact our GD Partners.

                        Golden Destinations与星梦邮轮让你海上狂欢不夜城,独家为你呈现Astro经典俱乐部所带来的 《夜上海欢乐邮》。这次,风采姐妹雯雯与燕燕,联和一众Astro经典俱乐部の金牌唱将把整个经典歌唱节目搬上 星梦邮轮《云顶梦号》,与你海度过美好的夜晚。如果您有兴趣参与,请联络我们的GD伙伴吧。