MSC World Europa


MSC World Europa was made with the future in mind. MSC wanted to set a new standard for the cruise industry.
As MSC first LNG-propelled new cruise ship, MSC World Europa is a huge step forward in that mission. This next-generation power hugely reduces emissions and marks a milestone on our journey to zero emissions operations.
Her state-of-the-art design also includes the latest water recycling technology, to purify wastewater, and propellers studied to reduce the underwater noise in respect of marine wildlife.

As the first in her class, she is a modern cruise ship unlike any other, pushing the boundaries of what is possible at sea. She breaks record, sets new standards, and is our most sustainable and futuristic cruise ship ever. Powered by cleaner fuel, and with green technology integrated throughout the ship, she is a statement of our commitment to the future of this planet.

Welcome to the future of cruising with MSC Cruises.

Launched: December 2, 2021

Construction started: June 29, 2020

Length: 333 m

Beam: 47 m

Builder: Chantiers de l'Atlantique

Capacity: 6,762 passengers

Decks: 22

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