Middle East

Caucasus l 高加索地区


Traveling Period: January 2023 - 28 December 2023

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7D6N Historical Georgia (Private)                                                              GA-7TBSH  
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Azerbaijan + Georgia 

Traveling Period: September 2023 - June 2024

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10D9N Pearl of the Caucasus (Private)                                           GA-10GYDP  



Egypt | 埃及

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  Traveling Period: Now - Apr 2024 

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5D4N Egypt Explore (Private)  GA - 5CAIE  
6D5N  ''The Great Pyramid Egypt'' Tour (Private)  GA - 6CAIG  
7D6N  ''The Secret Of Egypt'' Tour (Private)  GA - 7CAIS  
8D7N ''The History Of Ancient Egypt'' Tour (Private)  GA - 8CAIA  

9D8N The Legends Of Egypt (Private) 

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Red Sea (Diving)

Traveling period: Now - 30 Apr 2024

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5D4N Dive at Mystery Red Sea (Private)  GA - 5SSHD  


Jordan | 约旦

Traveling Period: August 2023 - December 2024

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6D5N Mysterious Jordan (Private)                                     GA - 6AMMJ
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Oman | 阿曼

Traveling Period: 05 January 2023 - 20 December 2023

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8D7N Oman - Beauty of Winter ((Private)                                                                 GA-8MCTW
8D7N Oman Summer Holidays ((Private)  - 01 May 2023 - 30 Sep 2023 GA-8MCTS
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Saudi Arabia | 沙地阿拉伯

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Saudi Arabia

Traveling Period: Dec 2022 - Aug 2023

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8D7N Saudi Arabia Exploration Tour (Private)                                                GA-8RUHM  
8D7N Saudi Arabia + Jeddah Tour (Private)                                              GA-8RUHJ
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Note: S.I.C. = Seat In Coach / Private = Private Tour 


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